Beer is the world’s most widely consumed alcoholic beverage; it is the third-most popular drink overall, after water and tea. 


Beer Course Contents

  • Beer Types
    • Ales
    • Lagers
    • Specialty 
    • Beyond Beer 
  • Beer Styles
  • Flavors & Aromas
    • Beer Colors & International Bitterness Units
  • Serving & Temperatures
    • Draft Beer
  • Beer Styles & Flavor Recognition By Type, From Pale Ale To Stouts And Beyond
  • Beer & Food Pairing
  • History
  • Legal Standards of Beer U.S. & Europe
  • Terminology

Are there many kinds of Beer?   

Some believe there over 100 styles & types! 

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You'll Learn

  • From flavors to production, styles, and more.
  • About the 50+ most common liqueurs and what each one tastes like.
  • Glass is best for each type of wine, cocktail or beer.
  • Distilling alcohol, brewing beer and fermenting wine
  • Japanese sake
  • Cigars (Hospitality Industry)
  • Bartender school near me

Learning a new alcohol can be very intimidating. And with so many different styles and types, it can be as varied as wine. But here we’ll teach you all the basics and much more so you are comfortable drinking and recommending to others.



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What is the target audience?

  • Current or new bartenders, mixologists & servers in the hospitality industry who want to improve their skills
  • Those who want to get a job in a bar or restaurant
  • Bar & restaurant owners & managers who need to train their staff
  • Wine shop and liquor store owners & managers who need to train their staff
  • Anyone interested in learning more about alcohol