Liqueurs & Cordials are as much a part of a well-stocked bar, just like Vodka or Scotch Whisky. 


Liqueurs & Cordials Course Contents

  • Apéritifs & Digestifs
  • Vermouth
  • Amari
  • Pastis vs Absinthe
  • Bitters & Tinctures
  • How to Make Bitters & Tinctures
  • Cocktails and a little history of them
  • 65 Popular Brands and Flavors
  • Flavor & Aroma Characteristics
  • How to make 35 popular & classic Shots
  • How to serve Absinthe
  • How to serve Pastis
  • The Ouzo Effect
  • Production Methods
  • Origins
  • Legal Standards in the U.S. & EU
  • Terminology

Terms like Cordials and Liqueurs are used interchangeably, in some parts of the world.


Cordials are clearly recognizable from Liqueurs. And, in some countries in Europe, cordials are just concentrated fruit syrups with no alcohol content. But liqueurs in any country will typically contain some alcohol. So, the reason why the two are usually associated together is because of sweetness, their large use as flavoring agents and as taste mixing with other beverages. In the course, we’ll explain this and so much more.

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But for those not in bars or restaurants, we’ll teach you to select after dinner drinks or to know what’s good in a drink. Now you can differentiate options, and you won’t have to try everything out there. So, join our Liqueurs/cordials Course and Become an Expert!

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