Vodka is a distilled alcoholic beverage. What is vodka made from? It’s made from primarily water and ethanol with traces of flavorings and impurities.


 Vodka Course Contents

  • An in-depth understanding of all types of Vodka
  • Types & Styles by Ingredient
  • Plain & Flavored Types
  • Old World Regions
  • Production methods
    • Batch & Continuous Distillation
    • Copper Pot vs. Stainless Steel Distillation
  • Flavors & Aromas
  • Base ingredients and how they effect flavors
  • Pairing Vodka with Food
  • Serving Vodka
  • How to make 25 popular & classic Vodka cocktails
  • Learn what type is best for specific cocktail recipes
  • Legal Standards in the U.S. & EU
  • Origins
  • Terminology

 Not all Vodkas taste like “nothing”


Water, distillation methods & base ingredient all have a large part to play.
It is often distilled multiple times. Other ingredients mix well with Vodka as it has a relative flavor neutrality. It’s what has helped to make vodka as popular as it is today. Let’s learn more.



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What is the target audience?

  • Current or new bartenders, mixologists & servers in the hospitality industry who want to improve their skills
  • Those who want to get a job in a bar or restaurant
  • Bar & restaurant owners & managers who need to train their staff
  • Wine shop and liquor store owners & managers who need to train their staff
  • Anyone interested in learning more about alcohol